Curriculum vitae

  • Contact / personal information

    Addresse: Elmehusene 218
    2600 Glostrup
    Mobile: +45 24 94 24 46
    Birthdate: 27-02-1983
    Primary language: Danish
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  • Carreer targets


    Learn how to work in a 100+ people company, improve my skills and make something awesome.

    In the future (2-4 years ahead maybe):

    Projectleader: I see my self as a good leader.

  • Professional ambitions

    Work location:
    1. København, Frederiksberg, Glostrup, Albertslund, Høje Taastrup, Rødovre, Hvidovre, Ballerup, Brøndby, Ishøj, Herlev, Greve, Vallensbæk
    2. Roskilde, Dragør, Tårnby, Egedal, Køge, Solrød, Lyngby-Taarbæk, Gentofte, Gladsaxe
    3. Hørsholm, Lejre, Helsingør, Furesø, Rudersdal, Hillerød, Fredensborg
    Preferred jobtype: Fulltime employee
    Jobtype: Fulltime employee
    Current status: Fulltime employee without staff responsibilities
    Jobcategories: Software- & Webdevelopment:
    .Net, ASP.NET, C#, LINQ, Razor, MVC,
    CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript

    Applications / Smartphone apps:
    Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone 7/8

    Database Development / Management:
    MSSQL 2008, 2012

  • Professional experience

    Total experience: 10 years of web development, 6+ years as a professional
    Momondo A/S
    Period: 01-06-2014 - Current
    Job title: Web Developer
    Technologies: .Net / ASP.Net (C#) Frontend (CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript), SQL, Visual Studio 2012 / 2013

    2014: Step into the team of developers and aid in the continuation of the Momondo website.
    Currently its built in ASP.NET Webforms, but I'm confident that we soon enough will be upgrading to MVC 5 - I'll be a part of that process and are looking forward to the convertion!

    Compusystem a/s
    Period: 21-01-2008 - 31-05-2014 (6 years)
    Job title: Developer / Project Manager / Hardware Manager
    Technologies: .Net / ASP.Net (C#, LINQ) Frontend (Silverlight, CSS, HTML, XHTML, Javascript) Microsoft Dynamics AX / NAV (Axapta, Financials, etc.) SQL, Visual Studio 2008 / 2012 / 2013

    Through the past 5 years i've had the main responsibillity for the development and maintenance of a web-catalog which is used daily by 2000+ users. The catalog is build in Silverlight, ASP.NET, MS SQL, HTML/JS and integrates to XAL, Navision and Octopus (COBOL system). Today im the only one on the project and is continuing development and maintenance.

    In 2011/2012 I started on a project to develop a video-education site, which educates people in banking, local-government in becomming better at Microsoft Office, Windows and various other office programs. My job was to transfer the functionality of an olf portal-site to a new one, build from scratch with ease in mind. A big goal was to make it easy to administrate and easy to upload new videos, a task i managed to fulfil. The site is today a success and is used throughout the country in municipalities, banks and so.

    In 2009-2011 I had various tasks, setting up new stores for a famous danish bakery, the tasks included installation of new PC's, integration with Dynamics AX, development on a backend portal, various service tasks.

    Period: 01-05-2007 - 01-12-2007
    Job title: Developer (part of education)

    Enhance an inhouse product and partition in a huge solution for the danish government

    Elgiganten (fields)
    Period: 01-10-2003 - 01-01-2008
    Job title: Salesman in Electronics

    Part-time salesman in the electronics department of Elgiganten Fields, I had the honor of guiding costumers through their purchase

  • Education

    IT Engineer at DTU
    Degree: Bachelor in IT
    Finished: 04-01-2008
    Danish title: IT Diplom Ingeniør
    HTC Student at EUC Holbæk
    Degree: Student
    Finished: 01-07-2003
    10 Klasse at Sorø Ungdomsskole
    Degree: 10. Grade
    Finished: 01-07-2000
    9 Klasse at Vallekilde-Hørve Friskole
    Degree: 9. Grade
    Finished: 01-07-1999
  • Languages

    Danish: Fluent
    English: Fluent
    Swedish: ok
    Norwgian: ok
    German: ok
  • Skills

    C# .NET Expert 8 years
    ASP.NET & MVC Expert 10 years
    Javascript/Jquery: Expert 10+ years
    CSS: Expert 10+ years
    LINQ Expert 5+ years
    HTML(4/5): Expert 10+ years
    Windows 2000/XP/7/8/: Expert Since their release
    SQL: Expert 7+ years
    Silverlight: Expert 6 years
    Virtualization: Very good 5 years
    Entity Framework: Very good 4+ years
    WCF / Webservices: Pretty good 6 years
    WPF / XAML: Pretty good (6 years)
    Windows Phone: Pretty good (6 years)
    XML: Pretty good 10+ years
    Parallel programming Pretty good 8+ years
    Async programming Pretty good 8+ years
    VPN: Some experience 4 years
    Microsoft Server: Some experience 8 years
    Dynamics AX 4,9,12: Some experience 6 years
  • Hobbies & Private life

    Marriagal status: Married to Nina Woller-Kirk, with whom i have a lovely boy called August
    PC-Gaming Beating Battlefield 3 / 4, whenever i have time for it - and when the damn game works
    Photography I love shooting photos of everything in this world.
    Port wine A newly developed interest in the fine tastes of port wine.
    Diving Every summer, i love to free-dive in the ocean
    LEGO As a young kid i had tons of lego, then later in my life i regained the interest for the engineering mechanics of Lego Technic
    Programming Sometimes i develop stuff at home, but i rarely have the energy to do it at home anymore.
    Skiing & Travel I love going skiing in the alps with my family once a year, and love to travel to foreign countries and experience the world Helping prople with their daily code-problems (haven't been active for a while though)